Running More Than One Copy of Scaffold

Scaffold Software licenses can be installed on a single computer and only one fully functional copy can be open at a time. If you launch another instance on the same computer, it will open as a viewer, and you will not be able to process data. You will, however, be able to open existing files.

Starting with Scaffold 5, Scaffold can be run in batch mode and desktop mode with the same license. That means you can load data using a SCAFML through a command-line interface (CLI) and load data using the desktop interface at the same time.

Legacy Scaffold 4 users can only load data using Scaffold Batch with a batch license (Help > About Scaffold to check your license type). If you have Scaffold Batch you can load data using the CLI and the desktop version at the same time as well.  

Note, there are rare circumstances where an existing Scaffold process does not close completely. If this happens, Scaffold will only launch as a viewer. To close all instances of Scaffold, open the Windows Task Manager and find the Java(TM) Platform SE Binary. Expand this and confirm that it is Scaffold. Use the Task Manager to end any Scaffold tasks. Then when you open the program again it should open as a fully licensed instance.

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