Upgrading Scaffold, Workstation Hardware, or your Operating System

The following document covers a few questions that often arise when upgrading Scaffold.

How Do I Reset My Key?

Send an email to support indicating that you would like to reset your key. Common reasons for needing a key reset is an OS update, moving Scaffold to a new computer, or upgrading hardware. When you email us, please include your key (available from the Help > About Scaffold menu) and the reason you would like your key reset. Support will need to verify whether you are in contract and proceed from there. If your upgrade and support contract is valid when we reset your key, you can register Scaffold on your new hardware or computer's upgraded OS. If you need to install Scaffold on another computer and you are in contract, simply download the newest version from our website and paste in the key when prompted. If you are out of contract when we reset your key, you will need to use the installer that we provide as your key will not work with the version found on our website.

Is Scaffold Compatible with My Operating System (OS)?

Check out our system requirements for more information about OS compatibility. This document lists the OSes that we test regularly. Scaffold is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. While we do not test on Windows server, Scaffold should be compatible with all versions of Windows server that are inline with non-server versions. If you have any questions please contact support

Do I Need to Upgrade Scaffold When Upgrading My OS or Migrating to New Hardware?

The short answer is no, it is not required. However, we always recommend running the most current version of Scaffold. Note that you will need to reinstall Scaffold and/or re-register it when upgrading hardware or your OS. If you have a current support contract, you can download the newest version of Scaffold from our website. If you are out of contract, please contact sales and we can start the renewal process.


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