Moving Scaffold Software from One Computer to Another

Often, installations of PS products (Scaffold Software) need to be moved from one computer to another. This could be due to hardware failure, the acquisition of a newer, faster computer, or for separating licenses for more processing power. The following document will guide users through the process of moving licenses. 

Scaffold 5/Q+S, Scaffold LFQ, Scaffold PTM 4, Scaffold DIA, Scaffold Elements 3

These programs use a newer key system as compared to previous versions. The process is easier and allows users move the license without contacting support. Note, licenses can only be transferred once in this manner.

  1. Open the current installation and navigate to the Help > About <product_name>... menu
  2. Copy your License ID and Password to a safe place, as you will need these in a following step
  3. Click on the Deactivate button, this will remove the key registration from this computer
  4. Download and install the program on the new computer, installer available here
  5. Once installed, enter the License ID and Password when prompted, this installation should now be fully functional
  6. The original installation can now be uninstalled or set to act as a viewer permanently
  7. If the computer that the program was originally installed on is no longer functional please contact support for assistance with moving a license

Scaffold 4/Q+/ Q+S, Scaffold perSPECtives and Legacy Versions of Scaffold PTM and Scaffold Elements

  1. If you have determined that you need to move your license please contact and provide your license key (found in the Help > About Scaffold... menu) and why you would like to move your installation
  2. Locate and delete the key file associated with the program you would like to move. Click on this article for instructions on where the key file is located. Note, this is specific to the OS you are running. This will ensure that there are no conflicts with your new installation and will prevent errors.
  3. Install the program on the new computer. Installers for all of our programs can be found here
  4. Support will send you a new key after your license key has been reset
  5. Paste this new key into the program when prompted during installation, your program should now be operational.
  6. If the original computer is still functional you can use the original installation as a viewer or uninstall the program.
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