Parentheses in Scaffold Excel Exports

Scaffold comes with the ability to export numerous reports to Excel for additional analysis or sharing with colleagues. However, formatting conflicts can arise as often quantitative values in Scaffold are displayed in parentheses (when the minimum value set by the user is used in quantitative calculations). Excel's internal accounting formatting thinks these are negative and displays the values as such. 

The values displayed should all be the same as in Scaffold, just the formatting has been changed automatically. Excel easily allows you to change the formatting:

1. Select an entire column by clicking the column heading.

2. Right click and select Format Cells. This will bring up the Format Cells dialog box. 

3. Select the number Category and select the formatting for Negative numbers in parentheses. Note, you can also change the number of decimal places displayed here.


4. Click OK to return to the spreadsheet, all the values that had negative signs should be displayed with parentheses. This process can be repeated for each column of values that are being displayed as negative.

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