Running Multiple Instances of Scaffold on One Computer

Often times users need to have multiple instances of Scaffold installed on a single machine for evaluation purposes. This is permitted within the guidelines of our EULA. The following document provides information on installing an additional copy of Scaffold while making sure to not disrupt the functionality of an existing one. This is most often done to evaluate Scaffold while you have an existing version on the same computer.

Note, this procedure should only be followed when recommended by Proteome Software.


Proteome Software's key system is structured so that an evaluation key cannot overwrite a full license key. It is preferable to run an evaluation copy on a separate computer however, if an additional machine is not available the steps below will allow you to run both. 

  • Download the required installer from our web site making sure to choose the correct operating system and system architecture
  • Double click to run the installer on your computer
  • When prompted select No, install to a different directory


  • Click Next to continue through the installer
  • The installer will prompt you to choose an installation directory. You can change the name of the directory within the Wizard.


  • Click Next to continue through the installation Wizard
  • Next the location of the key file has to be changed. This will allow for the instances of both an evaluation key and a full license key. Select or create a different folder from the one listed to save the evaluation key to.


  • Finish running the installer to install the evaluation copy of Scaffold. When you run the program, the keys should not interfere with each other. Once the evaluation process is complete the additional copy of Scaffold can be deleted without deleting the fully licensed version.
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