Waters PLGS IdentityE Data Support in Scaffold

Scaffold supports Waters High Definition Proteomics IdentityE data

These files must be created from our plugin in the new version of Waters PLGS:

Loading PLGS Results into Scaffold

The IdentityE High Definition Proteomics System combines UPLC-MSe data with a comprehensive peptide ion accounting informatics solution to catalog complex protein digest mixtures.

Scaffold reads IdentityE data from the PLGS, in an effort to enhance across-the-board bioinformatics compatibility, and allows for rapid quantitation and identification for complex proteomics experiments.

The IdentityE High Definition Proteomics System defines the new standard for rigorous protein identification. Designed for authoritative and comprehensive qualitative analysis, the Waters solution enables proteomics researchers to reference chromatographic retention time, precursor and product ion masses, structural significance, biological context, and plausible detectability of multiple peptides to confidently identify a protein.

Protein Mixtures

The IdentityE System is designed exclusively for qualitative analysis of complex protein digests, taking advantage of the superior resolution of UPLC separations and the novel approach of MSe providing outstanding chromatographic results and simultaneous precursor and product ion information.

Ion Informatics

The system includes comprehensive peptide ion accounting informatics. This software helps you visualize and identify peptides and proteins with a multi-layered physicochemical model of protein primary structure, for generation of the highest quality MRM transitions for tandem quadrupole biomarker verification and validation.


The IdentityE System provides complete and contextually-based information for confident protein identification that can lead to more promising biological and medical research. This includes laboratories looking for improved reproducibility and reliability for qualitative protein identification.

IdentityE ®is a registered trademark of Waters Corporation.

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