License Key Tips: Working with Proteome Software Keys


Proteome Software uses a license key system to unlock the full versions of our software. Once a key is created or reset, the key must be copied and pasted into the program to activate it, known as key registration. The following gives a few tips on entering a key into our programs. With the release of Scaffold DIA, we began the transition to a new key system. In this interim period before fully transitioning, two different types of keys will be supported. 

We recommend copying and pasting the key as opposed to typing it into the dialog box. Errors can arise when typing the key in as opposed to copying, and in some cases, the key dialog will try and read the key as you type, causing difficulty when typing.

Please note that these license keys can only register a single computer at any given time. Our EULA requires locking to only one computer. If you wish to move your license, please contact our technical support team for assistance.

Old Key System:  Legacy Scaffold 4, Scaffold PTM 3 and Scaffold Elements 2

When pasting an old-style key into any program make sure to copy the entire key into the dialog box. The key begins with the first letter of the program in question and ends with the equals sign. The entire thing must be entered to ensure functionality as shown below.


Check to make sure there is not a space at the beginning or the end in the key. Registration issues are sometimes caused by spaces.

Evaluation keys from the old key system are long strings of characters and do not have the name of the program at the beginning. These keys however can have the same pitfalls. Make sure to copy the whole string and check for spaces at the beginning and end if you are getting an error.

New Key System: Scaffold 5, Scaffold LFQ, Scaffold DIA, Scaffold PTM 4 and Scaffold perSPECtives 3

The new key system uses both a License ID and Password and is shown below.

License ID: 64622070

Password: BAK87U9C

As with the old-style keys, make sure you copy and paste the entire License ID and Password into the key dialog box when prompted by the program. Make sure there are no spaces before or after the ID or password characters.

Evaluation keys from the new key system have the same formatting as the full license keys above. Again make sure to copy the entire string of characters and check for spaces.


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