Scaffold Software Demo Data

The following document provides links to download demo data and tutorial guides for each of our programs.


Scaffold Demo Data

Tutorial guide for module 1, Loading and Organizing Data

Tutorial guide for module 2, Viewing and Filtering Data

Tutorial guide for module 3, Quantitation and Statistics

Sequest Demo data for module 1 and Mascot data for module 1


Scaffold Batch Demo Data

Getting started with Scaffold Batch Guide

Label-free data and corresponding FASTA


Scaffold Q+/Q+S Demo data

Tutorial guide for quantitation in Scaffold Q+and corresponding Mascot iTRAQ demo data

SILAC demo file using Mascot Distiller and corresponding Mascot data

SILAC demo file using MaxQuant and corresponding MaxQuant data

SILAC demo file using Proteome Discoverer and corresponding Proteome Discoverer data


Scaffold perSPECtives Demo Data

Scaffold perSPECtives demo file created using the HUPO serum data


Scaffold Elements Demo Data

Tutorial guide for Elements Demos

Data for Demo 1

Data for Demo 2

Data for Demo 3

Data for Demo 4

If you prefer to download the entire set of demo data in one file click here. Note the entire file is about 4 GB.


Scaffold PTM Demo Data

Introduction to Scaffold PTM and corresponding data


Scaffold DIA Demo Data

Each link downloads a zip file, the entire dataset is around 9GB and windows are staggered.

Scaffold DIA Demo Library Data

Scaffold DIA Demo Experimental Data Part 1 and Part 2

Scaffold DIA FASTA and Prosit Library




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