Offline Registration for Scaffold Software

The following document explains the procedure for activating Scaffold Software without an internet connection. Note, this applies to Scaffold 5, Scaffold LFQ, Scaffold DIA, Scaffold PTM, Scaffold Elements 3, and Scaffold perSPECtives 3.

  • Install the program by running the installer available from our website. Likely you will need to download this from another computer and transfer it to the computer you would like to install it to (using a USB drive makes this process easier)
  • When prompted by the program, enter your License ID and Password
  • The following dialog will appear indicating that the online activation has failed


  • Click the Save Activation Request button to save the license file (request.areq) to your computer, then transfer this file to a computer with internet
  • Navigate to, shown below, on a computer connected to the Internet


  • Click the Browse button and navigate to the license file and click Submit
  • An Activation File (response.xml) will then be available for download. Click the Download button to download this file
  • Move this file back to the computer when you are registering the program to offline (using the same USB drive)
  • You should still be viewing the following dialog. Click on the Open Activation Data File button and navigate to the response.xml file


  • Click Register to finish the registration. You should now be able to use the program without an internet connection
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