Proteome Software File Extensions

The following table lists the file extensions for saved experiment files and their associated programs as well as input files. Files are program specific and therefore can only be opened by the program that was used to create it.

Program Input Files File Extension
Scaffold, Scaffold Q+S MZID, Search Engine result files SF3
Scaffold PTM MZID (from Scaffold, Mascot or PEAKS) SPTM
Scaffold LFQ / Scaffold perSPECtives MZID (from Scaffold or Search Engine)* SFDB
Scaffold DIA Instrument RAW files SDIA
Scaffold Elements Instrument RAW files METDB

Click on the links above to access the individual program supported data formats documentation for a more detailed list of what files can be loaded into each program.

* Note, mzIdentML files from some search engines are not compatible with Scaffold LFQ. See the Scaffold LFQ User Guide for a list of search engines not directly compatible with LFQ. 











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