License ID Nomenclature

Legacy Licenses- Scaffold 4, Scaffold PTM 3, Scaffold Elements 2, Scaffold perSPECtives 2

The key you receive from Proteome Software will be different depending on what Scaffold options have been purchased. The following matrix shows the potential prefixes and what Scaffold features they correspond to. 

Key Prefix Features
scaffold-s Scaffold
scaffold-r Scaffold Q+
scaffold-h Scaffold Q+S
scaffold-c Scaffold Batch
scaffold-x Scaffold Batch Q+
scaffold-m Scaffold Batch Q+S

Since there are no modules contained within the other programs, there is only one key type for each product. Each key will begin with an abbreviation of the program it activates. 

Prefix Program
ptm Scaffold PTM
psptv Scaffold perSPECtives
elmt Scaffold Elements

Scaffold 5, Scaffold PTM 4, Scaffold LFQ, Scaffold Elements 3, Scaffold DIA

Licenses for these versions are composed of an 8-digit License ID and an 8-digit alphanumeric password. There is no way to determine what program the License ID activates by looking at the License ID.

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