Scaffold Elements Citations

The following article provides a list of journal articles, presentations and posters that reference the use of Elements. If you have an article that you would like to have added to the list contact

A Multi-Omics Analysis of Glycine max Leaves Reveals Alteration in Flavonoid and Isoflavonoid Metabolism Upon Ethylene and Abscisic Acid Treatment
Proteomics (2018)
Ravi Gupta, Cheol Woo Min, Katharina Kramer, Ganesh Kumar Agrawal,
Randeep Rakwal, Ki-Hun Park, Yiming Wang, Iris Finkemeier, Sun Tae Kim
Proteomics (2018)

A relative quantitative positive/negative ion switching method for untargeted lipidomics via high resolution LC-MS/MS from any biological source
Metabolomics (2017)
Susanne B. Breitkopf, Stéphane J. H. Ricoult, Min Yuan, Ying Xu, David A. Peake, Brendan D. Manning, John M. Asara
Metabolomics (2017)

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