Announcing Scaffold 5 and Major Version Updates for all Scaffold Software

Proteome Software recently released new major version upgrades for all its products. The changes comes with the following updates to the Scaffold Software lineup.

Additionally, Scaffold v4 is no longer supported. We will be phasing out key resets as well, so please consider upgrading as soon as possible. Contact sales for more information.

Scaffold Q+/Scaffold Q+S

We are discontinuing Scaffold Q+ licenses and bundling all quant into Scaffold Q+S licenses (supporting precursor intensity, iTRAQ, TMT, and SILAC). This is a simplified model that we hope will reduce confusion. If you currently have a Scaffold Q+ license with a valid upgrade and support contract, you will be given the new Scaffold Q+S license

Scaffold Batch

Scaffold Batch will no longer be a separate license type. All products will have some batch mode (or CLI) built in, including Scaffold 5/Scaffold Q+S, which will function the same as it has in the past, supporting the SCAFML input file

Scaffold LFQ/Scaffold perSPECtives

Scaffold perSPECtives will be deprecated and replaced by Scaffold LFQ. Users familiar with Scaffold perSPECtives will recognize Scaffold LFQ, as the core functionality remains the same

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