Scaffold perSPECtives

Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Scaffold perSPECtives now offers full support for PCA, displaying the Scores Plot, Scree Plot and Loadings Plot for each pair of Principal Components selected in the Overview plot.

New Displays of Gene Ontology Information

This version parses accession numbers to allow application of GO Terms even with more complex formats, and two new charts assist in identifying protein associated with specific biological functions.

The GO Term Bar Chart compares GO Terms between samples or categories, while the GO Term Pie Chart summarizes GO Terms across the experiment.

New Quantitative Visualization Options

Scaffold perSPECtives 2.1 introduces powerful new tools to reveal meaningful biological insights from your data. All the charts and tables are linked, enabling universal protein selection and tagging.

A Volcano Plot facilitates interrogation of interesting proteins and a Scatterplot enables comparison between samples or categories.

Improvements in the Organize View

Some features have been added to make it easier and to organize experiments in perSPECtives.

Improved Filtering

The star filters are immediately accessible from the tool bar, and the significance filter accounts for multiple test corrections.

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