Scaffold DIA Supported Data Formats

Scaffold DIA imports and analyzes data (using msconvert) from various types of mass spectrometers. Data loading is conveniently performed through a dialog that guides the user in setting all of the parameters needed for data analysis and protein identification.

Scaffold DIA supports a number of vendors’ data file formats and open file formats.

  • Thermo RAW Files (only the RAW file is needed)
  • SCIEX WIFF (both the WIFF and the WIFF.SCAN files are required)

Scaffold DIA should support any data format (Bruker, Agilent, etc) with DIA windowing that can be processed by msconvert, but only the two above (Thermo, SCIEX) are well tested.

See ProteoWizard documentation for details regarding msconvert supported formats.


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