APOSTL: An Interactive Galaxy Pipeline for Reproducible Analysis of Affinity Proteomics Data

ABSTRACT: With continuously increasing scale and depth of coverage in affinity proteomics (AP−MS) data, the analysis and visualization is becoming more challenging. A number of tools have been developed to identify high-confidence interactions; however, a cohesive and intuitive pipeline for analysis and visualization is still needed. Here we present Automated Processing of SAINT Templated Layouts (APOSTL), a freely available Galaxy-integrated software suite and analysis pipeline for reproducible, interactive analysis of AP−MS data. APOSTL contains a number of tools woven together using Galaxy workflows, which are intuitive for the user to move from raw data to publication-quality figures within a single interface. APOSTL is an evolving software project with the potential to customize individual analyses with additional Galaxy tools and widgets using the R web application framework, Shiny. The source code, data, and documentation are freely available from GitHub (https://github.com/bornea/APOSTL) and other sources.

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