Getting Started with Scaffold Q+

The following article contains a list of frequently asked question relating to getting started with quantitation in Scaffold Q+. For specific questions not covered in our documentation we are available by telephone Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM PST. Our toll free number is 1-800-944-6027. Additionally support can be contacted via email at

Downloading Scaffold Q+

How is Scaffold Q+ different from Scaffold?
Where Scaffold provides relative quantitation using spectral counting, TIC as well as MS1 precursor intensity, Scaffold Q+ offers a more robust option for quantifying proteins and their components. With Scaffold Q+, you can: quantitate labelled experiments using iTRAQ and TMT biological samples; view and share supporting data; check statistical probabilities; verify that statistics are valid for your data across experimental data; and meet journal standards. Scaffold Q+ is backed by robust and cutting edge non-parametric statistical models to normalize and interpret data, including data-dependent intensity weighting, permutation testing and error estimation.

Because Scaffold Q+ and Q+S are modules built into Scaffold, they run using system requirements as Scaffold.

What is differences between Scaffold Q+ and Q+S?
Scaffold Q+S allows users to load, analyze, and quantify SILAC experiment data. Scaffold Q+ does not have this feature.

Where can I download Scaffold Q+ and Q+S?
The latest version of Scaffold Q+ can be downloaded here.

For Scaffold Q+S please find the download here.

How can I upgrade my version of Scaffold to Scaffold Q+ or Q+S?
To upgrade your version of Scaffold to Scaffold Q+ or Q+S, please contact our Sales department.

Where can I learn about Scaffold Q+ and Q+S?
Our Knowledge Base and Website are excellent places to find white papers, posters, presentations, and other information regarding these programs. Also please visit our Documentation page to find product specific User's Guides

Batch Mode

Do Scaffold Q+ and Q+S operate in Batch mode?
Yes, Scaffold Q+ and Q+S both have Batch Modes. Please contact our Sales department to learn more.

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